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never have a bad coffee again.

Speciality coffee beans from the best independent artisan roasters.

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Don't miss out! Next estimated subscription delivery is 18 November. Order before 14 November

How it works

We work with award-winning coffee roasters across the UK and Ireland to give you access to unique speciality-grade coffees.

It's the good stuff that usually only baristas get their hands on

The Indy Coffee Box process is simple: choose how much coffee you'd like and the roast type for your preferred brewing method.

It's easy to top up with a Booster Box if you run out of beans

Roasted to order so the coffee is superbly fresh.

Each box comes with a copy of monthly journal Brew which is packed with tasting notes, features and recipes

Why choose Indy Coffee Box?

Ethical coffee

By choosing Indy Coffee Box, you're supporting indie roasteries in the UK and Ireland who pay coffee farmers a fair price for their high-grade beans. We support and encourage environmentally sustainable practices

No contract
No commitment

no contract
You’re in control. Need more coffee? Going on holiday? No problem. Boost, reduce, pause or cancel your subscription at any time - and only pay for the months you get a box

FREE delivery to your door.

free delivery
Our team carefully packs and sends your Indy Coffee Box via 48h Royal Mail in the last week of the month (within days of the coffee being roasted)

People love Indy Coffee Box

(read what our customers say)

  • Valerie

    A real treat

    A brilliant way to try lots of great coffees. Coffees from all over the country. A real treat. Brew, the magazine, is educational and interesting. I know a lot more about the coffee process now!

    22nd November 2020
  • Lizzy L

    Bought a one-off box initially and became avid Indie Coffee converts, signing up for a monthly subscription. Great to be able to try different beans each month and added bonus of supporting independent roasters. Well put together, coffee is deliciously fresh (we didn’t realise how much that affects flavour, we do now!) and a lovely treat each month. Keep up the good work and thanks for sole-handedly upping our coffee game!

    2nd October 2020
  • Simone

    Thank you for the fabulous coffees I’ve been getting every month with my Indy Coffee Box subscription. So pleased I subscribed! Since lockdown I‘ve been working from home and a good brew is essential to a good days work (and one of the perks of working from home too because I get to drink really good quality artisan coffee, and don’t have to share it with everyone in the office either!!). Life working from home is much much better with quality coffee and I love the Brew newspaper that comes with it too, with its tips on making a good hot or cold brew and all the tasting notes and background stories of the artisan roasters. Looking forward to next month’s delivery already!

    2nd October 2020
  • Rupert Noad

    I love my coffee box

    I love my coffee box. It is great, particularly with Covid, to get 4 bags of coffee automatically delivered every month. The coffee is always delicious and I love the fact I am able to try beans from different countries and roasters around the UK. I really recommend this box for people who want to get into drinking delicious coffee in their own home.

    24th September 2020
  • Stu

    Brill service

    This is so far is an outstanding way to be introduced to independent roasters that otherwise may escape you. I thought I was fairly clued up on the coffee scene. I go to events, seek out producers on the internet and try to support a few of my local ones as often as I can. Indycoffeebox has done alot of that research and sifting out of your hands and as a result it’s all hit and no miss. Brill service.

    24th August 2020

Brew Journal

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How long do coffee beans stay fresh?

The flavours locked in freshly roasted coffee beans change over time. This can be a good thing as the nuances can enhance enjoyment, but if you leave coffee too long it can go stale and taste flat

coffee beans in drum, coffee roasteries

Roasteries you can visit

Fancy going behind the scenes on a roastery tour, joining in on a cupping sesh, or knocking back a few drum-fresh ‘spros at the HQ brew bar? Read our roundup of roasteries you can visit

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Post-lockdown coffee roadtrip

The Indy Coffee Box team’s summer itineraries are dripping with inspo for your next coffee-fuelled adventure