How much coffee will I need?

Two curious coffee drinkers under one roof? We recommend kicking off with a three bag box – that’s just over one cup of coffee a day each if you’re brewing cafetière.

If you’re caffeine habits are livelier, go pro with the four bag box. You’ll be averaging 60 coffees a month.

Riding solo? Try the two box. You can always upgrade your order, right?

What’s with the whole bean?

Speciality coffee’s unique flavour characteristics begin to degrade as soon as the bean is ground. We want our subscribers to experience coffee at its lip-smacking best so we’ll only ever send you whole beans.

How fresh is the coffee?

It’s good to be a snob when it comes to coffee freshness so we make sure all of the beans reach your door within days of roasting.

The roasteries will slap a roasting date on the bag so you know exactly when the beans were bronzed.

Who are we?

We’ve been repping the speciality industry for over half a decade, curating the best independent coffee shops and roasteries in the Independent Coffee Guide series.

We work with the experts in each area to guide caffeine lovers to the best speciality coffee experiences – so we’re pretty hot on our speciality knowledge. When we’re not creating insanely delicious coffee subscriptions, you’ll find us touring the UK and Ireland, meeting roasters and coffee shop owners.

Why are we not letterbox friendly?

We want you to get the best coffee experience and that means receiving the coffee in the roasters’ original packing (the letterbox un-friendly bit).

We don’t repack – it’s not good for the planet and it’s not good for the beans.

The solution? Get it delivered to the office for ultimate bragging rights, ask for it to be left with a friendly neighbour, or pick it up from the depot. It’s no biggie.