If you’re used to buying coffee from the supermarket you may think ‘coffee is just coffee, isn’t it?’ but there’s so much more to it that that – and much better coffee to be drunk. You just need to look beyond the supermarket shelves.

Our monthly Indy Coffee Box brings together some of the world’s best coffees which are expertly roasted in the UK and Ireland by leading roasters to bring out the unique and subtle flavours of each bean.

Before roasting green beans, the roaster will consider how the coffee will eventually be brewed, and bronze them appropriately, so that the coffee drinker will get to experience the fullest array of flavours. As with wine, a properly roasted bean that’s good quality to start with will provide a taste of the terroir where it was grown.

Espresso roast

An espresso roast is designed to bring out the specific and interesting flavours of the roasted bean when brewed using an espresso machine.

Espresso machines brew coffee very quickly, forcing water at high pressure through coffee grinds to produce a syrupy, concentrated espresso coffee. It can be drunk on its own, with hot water added to create a long black/americano, or it can be used as a base for flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos.

Typically, an espresso roast is roasted slightly hotter and for longer. It’s easier to dissolve the right amount of coffee into the water because it’s roasted to be more soluble and helps the properly extracted coffee taste much sweeter and more balanced.

Filter roast

A filter roast is created for brewing devices such as Chemex, V60, cafetière, AeroPress, clever-dripper and stovetop.

Filter roast is roasted at a lower temperature and for a shorter time. Often it produces a clearer picture of a coffee’s unique taste as there are less roasted flavours, revealing a sweeter cup of coffee with more subtle favours.

Omni roast

There’s a third roast type too: omni. This is simply a coffee that has been roasted to work as either an espresso or filter brew.

The two methods will produce different flavours in the cup, and it will still taste great using either method.

Many of our roasters produce an omni roast and if this is in your box, it’ll be good with either brew method.

So, what to choose?


If you’re brewing using an espresso machine, select an espresso roast.

This box will have coffees that are roasted to work best in an espresso machine.

chemex filter

If you use a filter method, you can be flexible. A filter roast will reveal subtler, sweeter flavours.

However, espresso roasts can be brewed as an espresso or filter so, if you like more body and a darker flavour – either filter or espresso roast would work.

And lastly…

Don’t forget – taste is subjective and personal, so experiment and see what you like. If you want to change your subscription, just let us know and we will happily switch things around for you.